Preparing for our January 9 morning on the ferry

Post02Hello, St. Francis women and teens and various friends:  I must say it is difficult to communicate with you today in light of the unspeakable tragedy which took place this morning in Connecticut.  Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison, Kyrie Eleison.   What clarity such happenings give to our daily lives, which are all on the brink of eternity, whether we choose to be aware of the fact or not.  Every single day is so precious in light of eternity.  My new granddaughter, born just a month ago, was conceived and born not simply for this life, but for eternal life.  And many little children in Connecticut and in other places around the world have entered eternal life today in the arms of Jesus and Mary.  Thanks be to God for the gift of faith, which keeps us always in close touch with Reality, just on the other side of this veil of existence which is so fragile and ephemeral. 

And what a gift to the Church is this Year of Faith, an opportunity to grow firm in that essential Gift of the Spirit.   This is why I have chosen to focus on St. John’s Gospel for our book study group on the interisland ferry this winter and spring.  I believe that more people throughout the ages have encountered Jesus Christ personally through reading this Gospel than by means of any other biblical book.  The Gospel of John is truly a powerful and Living Word.  So, if we are willing as individuals to immerse ourselves in the words of Christ, the Living Word, we will be rewarded over the weeks and months with an  increase not only of knowledge but also of faith.  I am sure of this. 

So-o-o…Our assignment is to read and reread chapters one and two of St. John’s Gospel as often as possible throughout the month of December and the first week of January.  As you read, if you come up with questions or new insights which you’d like to share, please write those down and we’ll try to touch on those during our study together, or if time flies by too quickly, by means of e-mail and phone calls between meetings, which I will certainly welcome. 

My first blog post contained the timing I foresee in getting on the ferry as it arrives at various islands. I will post some questions for thought, some ideas to ponder, etc. next Friday, December 21.  And I will be checking the e-mail box for Vikky and me a couple of times a week in case you have stuff to share or are unclear about just what we’re doing or how we intend to go about it! 

Meanwhile, may you have a truly blessed Advent season,  JC