Things to ponder from St. John’s gospel, chapters 1 and 2

post3Okay, so it is probably time to stop your Christmas activities for a few minutes, and take a breath, sit down with your Bible and a cup of tea and read some of John’s gospel.

Here are a few ideas of things to ponder while you are reading (or, while you are peeling potatoes later, or tying bows on gifts, or even cleaning up later after the celebrations):

  • How do Genesis 1:1 and John 17:5 help us grasp the full import of what St. John is telling us right at the beginning, in John 1:1-5?
  • Why do you suppose Nathanael was so deeply impressed by the Rabbi Jesus’ knowledge of him “under the fig tree”? (John 1:48,49)
  • Recognizing that Jesus’ calling His mother “woman” was an affirmation of her dignity in John 2:4, do you see why the Church throughout the ages has understood this passage from the gospel to lead Christians to faith in the power of Mary’s intercession for us in prayer?
  • What do you imagine the interaction and conversation to have been like in Capernaum (John 2:12) when Jesus and His mother and some relatives and His disciples spent a few days there together?

I’ll have a few more things for you to ponder which I’ll post next Friday.  Shalom,  JC