We made waves!

post06We were a lively group on the 8:25 interisland ferry on Wednesday morning, January 9!  Seven of us altogether participated in our first get together to discuss the Gospel of  John, chapters one and two.  One woman was a friend of people in the group, who was simply heading to Orcas from Friday Harbor and she decided to join us on that leg of the journey.  Later, Sister Mary Danielle hopped on at one of our stops at Shaw and joined the conversation during the last leg of the trip.

During a break in the morning, we had some munchies while our most disciplined member(!) did her daily power walk around the passenger cabin (a prettier experience than mall walking).  We did have some curious onlookers stop to ask what kind of group we were, and seemed to be delighted that we call ourselves Faith On the Ferry and study Scripture together.  The trip between islands was calm and lovely, and we even caused the sun to break through the clouds as we neared the Friday Harbor dock at about 11AM.

The consensus was that the morning’s trip was well worth doing, and that once a month seems to be just right, especially since we can keep in touch and keep up with reading and pondering assignments by means of this blog and e-mails.  I am waiting to hear from some potential book group members who might join us from Orcas and Lopez, since first Wednesdays conflict with their previous commitments, and first Tuesdays just might work better for those who participated, as well as for new members.  If you are someone who would prefer first Tuesdays, please e-mail us at stfrancissji@gmail.com so we can plan for next month’s meeting.  If I do not get a positive response on this, we’ll keep our original commitment to first Wednesdays.

Meanwhile, the assignment for January is to read and reread chapters 3 and 4 of St. John’s Gospel.  Next Friday I will be posting some thoughts about these chapters and some questions for you to ponder.  And again, we certainly welcome people who are following the blog, but who cannot do the ferry trip, or perhaps can do so only occasionally.  Blessings on you as we continue to embark on this Year of Faith!  JC