A few more things to think about from John 4

post010A reminder:  our next interisland ferry book group get together will be Wednesday, February 6.  Friday Harbor people will hop on the 8:25 AM ferry (after meeting at The Doctor’s Office Cafe at about 8AM); Orcas women can join us at about 9AM; Shaw people at about 9:20 or 10:00; and Lopez people at about 9:40.  The boat returns to Friday Harbor at 11:15.  Being typically well-prepared, the group last month brought a few morning snacks for themselves which we enjoyed during a break in the study at about 9:45 to 10:15.  Energetic women can do a morning power walk inside the passenger cabin during this break, as well!

Here are some extra things to ponder from John’s Gospel, chapter 4:  (By the way, if you have gotten way behind, or even a bit behind in this study, don’t worry;  jumping in at any point at all is worthwhile, when it comes to John’s Gospel.  And, according to your bits of time, choose to ponder the questions which seem most interesting to you.)

Regarding verses 39-42 in chapter 4:  How would you describe the change in the kind of believing–or, the type of faith–the Samaritans displayed from verse 39 to 42? Can you relate to this change, personally?

In verses 47-50, What was it that sparked the turning point for this official, this dad, in relation to Jesus?  What did the Samaritan woman and this man in Capernaum have in common, enabling them to turn from skepticism towards belief in Jesus as Savior?

Compare John 4:48-50 with John 20:24-29.  How are Jesus’ responses to the two men, the Capernaum official and the disciple Thomas,  similar?   What do Jesus’ responses, in word and action, reveal to us about His heart?

And I’ll add a question to ponder from the Ignatius Study Guide:  What is the significance of the woman leaving her water jar by the well?  As you discover the truth about Jesus, what does He want you to leave behind?   Blessings, JC