Living Water on the Water

thumbnail1How amazing (!!) that Morning Prayer in Magnificat Thursday led us into the very Scriptures our little group on the ferry Wednesday pondered together, as we looked into St. John’s Gospel, chapter 4:   “All you who are thirsty, come to the water! (Isaiah 55:1);  “Whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst.” (John 4:14).   And the prayers:  “You are the vine: bear in us the fruit of life….”  “You are the rock in the desert from which the waters flow: cool our weary souls with the living waters of Your Holy Spirit….”  “You are the living Word: bring life to those who grope for a sense of purpose in life…”  “Give us living water to drink!”

Today, a wonderful quote from St. Leo the Great is in Magnificat;  it is one that (amazingly!) relates to our book group’s discussion of the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus in John chapter 3:  “Before He was betrayed, the Lord had rightly said, ‘When I have been lifted up, I shall draw all to Myself,’ that is, I will deal with the whole condition of mankind and will call back to integrity the nature lost long ago.  In Me will all weakness be abolished; in Me will all wounds be healed.”

As I mentioned to the women on Wednesday morning  just before we pulled into Friday Harbor again, when you get into St. John’s Gospel, chapters 5 and 6, which we will be discussing on Wednesday morning, March 6,  feel free to e-mail me at to ask questions, make comments, or suggest certain verses you wish I would concentrate on at our next book group meeting.  And those of you who might  simply be  following along with the book study using my blog posts, you too, feel free to converse with me by e-mail.  I’d like to know you are there and to be apprised of what you are thinking.

As usual, I will have some more things for you to ponder– from John 5 this time– on next Friday’s post.   In the love of Christ and Our Lady of Lourdes,  JC