My Sheep Hear My Voice

To nourish ourselves with the Word in order to be “servants of the Word” in the work of evangelization:  this is surely a priority for the Church at the dawn of the new millennium.  Even in countries evangelized many centuries ago, the reality of a “Christian society” which, amid all the frailties which have always […]

He Will Feed His Flock

Before discussing the rich teachings of John 10, I believe it is important to read through the chapter once or twice, and then look carefully at other Scriptures which give a background to what is happening in this portion of St. John’s narrative.  These Scriptures are “must” reading:  Ezekiel, chapter 34 (the whole chapter); Psalm […]

While It Is Day

From Bd. John Paul II:  Seek Jesus. Let your life be a continual, sincere search for Him, without ever tiring, without ever abandoning the undertaking, even though darkness should fall on your spirit, temptations beset you, and grief and incomprehension wring your heart.  These are the things that are part of life here below; they […]

Who Needs Healing Here?

We discovered on Wednesday morning that, if the interisland ferry is suddenly unavailable, we can make a quick adjustment and do our monthly Bible study in the St. Francis fellowship hall after attending 9:00 mass.  Our Shaw Island member missed out, but two otherwise indisposed gals were able to join us because of the change. […]