Who Needs Healing Here?

thumbnail34We discovered on Wednesday morning that, if the interisland ferry is suddenly unavailable, we can make a quick adjustment and do our monthly Bible study in the St. Francis fellowship hall after attending 9:00 mass.  Our Shaw Island member missed out, but two otherwise indisposed gals were able to join us because of the change.  So, we figured the Lord had His own ideas for this particular morning!  We look forward to continuing to meet first Wednesdays on the water, however, and in this way, make the book group available to parishioners on the various islands, as originally planned.

Our assignment in April is to read and reread St. John’s Gospel, chapters 9 and 10.  I’ll begin by giving you a few scripture verses which apply to certain ones in chapter 9, and which will perhaps shed more light on what you are reading–an apt metaphor, since it is the one Jesus centers on most powerfully, here:  “While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” (v.5)

Verse 2: see Exodus 20:5;    verse 3: see John 11:4;   verses 4,5: see John 12:35,36;   verse 6: see Mark 7:33.

And compare what is happening in verses 26-30 to what St.Paul is telling Jewish doubters in Romans 2:17-21 and 29.  Something to ponder:  What is the Jewish leaders’ essential inner “problem” which makes Jesus and His works such a stumbling block for them in John chapter 9?

There is still much to comprehend in chapter 9, which I’ll approach in next week’s blog, before we enter into the remarkable Good Shepherd discourse in chapter 10.  Blessings, JC