Becoming Fruitful

I’ll begin with a passage from St. Thomas Aquinas, concerning John 12:24, the introductory verse to the third section of the chapter:  “…we use a grain of wheat either for bread or as a seed….(Jesus) says ‘dies,’ not because it loses its strength, but because it is then changed into something else.  What you sow […]

“Look, the world has gone after Him!”

Before we get into the middle section of John 12, I want to refer you to a web page that beautifully continues the wonders of Pentecost, which we just celebrated throughout the world.  Some of you remember the heart relationship we had with Rosalind Moss (a late-in-life convert to the Catholic Church from Judaism via Protestant […]

The Essential Holy Spirit

The Church is the place where the Spirit illumines the intelligence with eternal truth….The image underlying the name Spirit is essentially that of an irresistible power coming from God himself, a power divine in its own right and therefore a deifying power, a sanctifying power supremely equipped to communicate God’s life…. Thus the Spirit’s mission […]

Love’s Fragrance

I love you, O Lord, my strength…my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer.  (Ps. 18:1,2) The light of God’s face shines in all its beauty on the countenance of Jesus Christ….Christ is “the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).  Consequently the decisive answer to every one of man’s questions, his religious […]

“Lazarus, Come Forth!”

It is in regard to death that man’s condition is most shrouded in doubt.  Man is tormented not only by pain and by the gradual breaking-up of his body but also, and even more, by the dread of forever ceasing to be.  But a deep instinct leads him rightly to shrink from and to reject […]

Looking Forward to Pentecost

I want to share with you something extra this week, an engaging and powerful essay by Anthony Esolen, a regular contributor to Magnificat and translator and editor of Dante’s Divine Comedy (Random House).  The following begins with the traditional Novena prayer to the Holy Spirit (which begins to be prayed on May 10) and continues […]

The Light of Life

Wednesday’s ferry trip was full of light:  bright sunshine and the Light of the World, who is also our Good Shepherd.  We encountered His Word and His works in John 9 and John 10, and had our usual lively discussion. May’s reading assignment is John 11 and John 12 for our first Wednesday ferry trip on June […]