The Light of Life

thumbnail1Wednesday’s ferry trip was full of light:  bright sunshine and the Light of the World, who is also our Good Shepherd.  We encountered His Word and His works in John 9 and John 10, and had our usual lively discussion.

May’s reading assignment is John 11 and John 12 for our first Wednesday ferry trip on June 5.  I will be giving you suggestions, as usual, for other related Scriptures and thoughts upon which to ponder.  Also, I have two excellent computer streams to recommend, a discussion and a homily which center upon our Lord and our relationship with Him and His Church.  I think these are things which can enhance our study of John:  first, the morning homily of Fr. Mark Mary given on April 29; second, a conversation between Dr. Ralph Martin and Fr. John Ricardo broadcast on April 30.  The first can be accessed at .  Click “Faith,”  then choose “Libraries” and “Audio”, then choose “Recent Additions,” and click on the April 29 homily.  The second can be accessed at  Click “The Choices We Face,” on the lefthand sidebar, and choose “Archives” and April 30, which should mention the conversation with Fr. Ricardo.

As we begin to read John 11, here are some suggestions for comparisons with other Scripture passages, clarifying certain verses.  John 11:2:  see John 12:1-8, since this is likely the incident John is referring to.   John 11:7-10:  see John 7:30; John 8:20; and John 10:39, underscoring the fact that, as the Ignatius Study Guide puts it, “Jesus can travel safely in Judea so long as His ‘hour’ lies in the future.”    John 11:20-29:  see Luke 10:38-42, which adds to a fascinating study of two sisters with similar strong faith but quite different temperaments and gifts.

We will continue with John 11 in next week’s blog.  By the way,  St. Thomas Aquinas brought to my attention for the first time that the name Lazarus means “one who is helped by the Lord.”    Many blessings in Mary’s month,  JC