Divine Life Ever-empowering the Church

thumbnail42As we approach Divine Mercy Sunday and the canonization of two great Popes, my suggestion to you is to listen to Father Barron’s sermon 694, highlighted this week at http://www.wordonfire.org/   It is a powerful and inspiring presentation of what–Who–is the Living Center, in His glorified humanity, of the Church even now.  And it is a wonderful sermon leading us into the final chapter of the Letter to the Ephesians.

Second, I highly recommend the interview with George Weigel, Pope John Paul II’s biographer, on EWTN Live, which was broadcast on April 23.  If you go to http://www.youtube.com/ewtn/  you can select the April 23 interview quite easily.  I watched it this evening and found it to be excellent, something which informs one both intellectually and spiritually for the upcoming canonizations.    Shalom,  JC