An Aside On the Feast of Corpus Christi

post10I want to share with you today the Meditation from Magnificat–a brief portion of the journal of Elisabeth Leseur (d. 1914), a French married laywoman whose cause for canonization is underway:

“(I participate now in) more frequent communion since circumstances now make it possible.  The Holy Eucharist is indeed food for the soul; to say so is a commonplace, but how true!  Apart from the conscious joy it sometimes brings, even without that joy, the inner self becomes stronger and more alive; the Eucharist transforms it, although one may not be aware of this mysterious process.  This incorporation into us of the divine substance, this assimilation of [God] into our being, this eternal life penetrating our lives, this close contact with the most holy and loving person of all…works within us and, if our will belongs to God, deeply renews us.

“Anyone who has received communion for many months or years without being changed inwardly and outwardly has not brought to the holy table the openness and childlike simplicity that is blessed by our Savior.  This renewal is independent of all conscious consolation and exterior joy; the loving sense of Jesus Christ’s Real Presence is a grace sometimes given to us, but it does not necessarily contribute to our spiritual progress.  It is one thing to love God and another thing actually to feel the joy of His presence.”

Shalom, JC