Preparing the Mind and Heart for St. Peter’s Catechesis

thumbnail28I am anxious to share with you a talk by Peter Herbeck to which I just listened this morning, as I am sitting quietly and gazing out upon the beautiful harbor at Victoria, B.C. What he says and teaches is extremely relevant to us, as we are studying and meditating upon the Apostle’s first letter to the earliest Christians who lived almost exactly on the opposite side of the world from us, here on the western-most coast of America.

The way to get there is to go to and click on Fire On the Earth, which you will find on the left column; then select July 25’s sermon. (July 21-24 are teachings leading up to July 25). I see this as some of the best Apostolic preaching–the most enlightening and truly central to who we are as Christians–available in our generation.

Blessings on your listening, JC