Prayer and Respectful Relationships

Most of the time, we are in active relationship with those for whom we pray regularly, so we are always faced with the question,  “Am I myself hindering in some way the working of God’s Spirit in this person’s life?  Am I coming across as anxious or unfaithful or judgmental or controlling or, worst of all, unloving and […]

Struggling to Pray Well

In this blog, as I share with you thoughts and encouragement concerning praying for our loved ones, I am drawing upon the great treasures of our Church.  One of those treasures is our present Archbishop of Seattle, Peter Sartain, whose gift of communicating well brings to us glimpses into the very heart of Jesus, and […]

All Saints, All Souls and Intercession

This excerpt from Ivan Turgenev’s novel, Fathers and Sons, was Magnificat’s Meditation for All Souls day, this past Sunday: “There is a small village graveyard in one of the remote corners of Russia.  Like almost all of our graveyards, it presents a wretched appearance;  the ditches surrounding it have long been overgrown;  the grey wooden […]