About Us

This Faith On the Ferry and the San Juans Islands blog is an internet Bible study resource.  Originally created for members of St.Francis Catholic Parish in the San Juans, Washington State, it is an easy-to-use study tool for individuals as well as groups who want to meet on a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis.  It is particularly suitable for book study groups made up of busy people who will access the blog as they are able, in order to prepare for group get-togethers.

To get started on St.John’s gospel, click on the December, 2012 Archives and surf a bit through the first few weeks of posts. To follow along with our  study of the Letter to the Ephesians, click on the January, 2014 Archives and do the same.  In June, 2014, a study of I and I Peter begins.  In October, 2014 there begins a series of posts filled with encouragement for Christians who pray for their loved ones, drawing on the Scriptures and on the rich treasures of the Church.  In late February, 2015 a series of posts filled with the wisdom of the Saints begins.  And in early Fall of 2015, in preparation for The Year of Mercy, a study of Pope Saint John Paul II’s encyclical, “The Mercy of God,”  begins.

You will notice that some of the posts have more study questions and things-to-ponder than others; it is easy to find what is relevant for your own purposes as you move through, week by week.  We suggest that you have a Bible in front of you, and take advantage of the Scripture passages recommended.  This will give you the richest study, overall.

JoyceThe studies are facilitated by Joyce Crain, from St. Francis Parish, Friday Harbor. Joyce has had seminary training (M.A.Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary) and extensive experience teaching and leading teens and adults in various protestant churches. She also served as a premarriage director, earned a hospital chaplaincy certificate, and studied and engaged in spiritual direction before entering the Catholic Church in 2006.  You will find that she incorporates many resources, mining the treasures of the Catholic faith as she sends you on a pilgrimage of sorts throughout the Scriptures.

Joyce and her husband, Dr. Brian Crain, have owned the Friday Harbor Eye Clinic since 1995. She is a member of  Plein Air Washington, is a registered artist with the Islands Museum of Art and has a working studio in town, so her paintings will be a regular part of this blog, as well.

Vikky Dauciunas, also a member of St.Francis Parish,  has been an enthusiastic idea-person, and is giving tech support to the study blogsite.Vikky

Contact us at: stfrancissji@gmail.com