His Precious and Magnificent Promises: II Peter 1

Even though the authorship, date and destination of the Second Letter of Peter is uncertain and has been seriously questioned and debated, according to Robert Paul Roth, the commentator for the New American Standard Bible, “the Church has traditionally regarded the epistle as of genuine Petrine authorship….There is even the possibility that Peter wrote II […]

Likewise, wives…Likewise, husbands: I Peter 3

In the same spirit [likewise! See chapter 2:21-25] you married women should adapt yourselves to your husbands, so that even if they do not obey the Word of God they may be won to God without any word being spoken, simply by seeing the pure and reverent behavior of you, their wives….Similarly, you husbands should […]

Therefore, gird up your minds: I Peter 1:13-25

This week, we are being given nourishment in order to prod our minds out of any kind of wimpiness we’ve allowed into our thoughts and wills.  Getting into the following Scriptures with some discipline can actually get rid of our brain-flab! Therefore….says Peter:  In other words, because you know who you are, a true and […]

An Eternal Perspective: I Peter 1:10-12

The prophets who prophesied of the grace that was to be yours searched and inquired about this salvation;  they inquired what person or time was indicated by the Spirit of Christ within them when predicting the sufferings of Christ and the subsequent glory.  It was revealed to them that they were serving not themselves but […]

Grace and Peace…Multiplied: I Peter 1:1,2

The first few verses of St. Peter’s first open letter to scattered Christians are so rich in the central realities of the Good News that they are worth dwelling upon and pondering at some length.  A dynamite word which confronts us in verse 1 is “chosen.”  This word is so powerful that it would suffice […]